Trenching and backfilling

Peter Madsen Marine Contractors have been involved in trenching and backfilling as well as nearshore cable, pipeline and marine outfall installation for decades.

Our vessels, equipped with hydraulic backhoe excavators, are suitable for trenching of soft and hard seabeds in water depths of up to approx. -11 meters. They are therefore particularly useful for nearshore, shallow or tidal locations, such as cable landfalls and marine outfalls.

In addition to this, some of our vessels are equipped with wire excavators and grabs, which can be used for ancillary services including assistance with the actual placement of cables, pipes, ballast or backfill.

Our vessels are all self-propelled and fitted with spud legs for stable operations. The PDS2000 guidance system enables us to work accurately with validation by our own multibeam survey package, including in-house equipment, surveyors and processing.

Key features:

  • Fleet of backhoe vessels suitable for trenching
  • Nearshore, shallow or tidal locations
  • Soft and hard materials, including clay and chalk
  • Vessels self-propelled and fitted with spud legs
  • Experience from cable, pipeline and outfall projects
  • Wire excavator vessels for backfilling and ancillary work
  • Full multibeam survey and video package