Multibeam and BlueView surveys

Peter Madsen Marine Contractors offer a range or high resolution seabed survey services utilising owned equipment and our in-house hydrographic surveyors and processing capabilities.

We use Teledyne Reson’s SeaBat T50-R multi-beam echosounders which are mounted on either the company owned work vessels or on our trailer mounted motorboat suitable for very shallow water operations.

The SeaBat T50-R is fully frequency agile from 190 to 420 kHz and offers an across-track receiver beam width of 0.5-1.0 degrees and 50 pings/sec, delivering high resolution surveys.

Our survey capabilities are available as a stand-alone service or in combination with our marine contracting activities. This enables rapid validation as works progress.

Hydrographic or bathymetric survey results can be delivered as both data files and 2/3D survey plots in high resolution depending on client requirements.

We also offer underwater video and BlueView sonar scanning, providing images of subsea conditions such as during seabed clearance or the placement of scour protection.

Key features:

  • MBES systems owned and operated by us
  • Surveys offered as stand-alone or integrated service
  • Seabed mapping in ports and fairways
  • Pre- and post construction surveys at offshore wind farms and other marine construction sites
  • Systems are mounted on most large work vessels
  • CatBat3 trailer mountable inshore vessel for shallow water operations
  • Data processed in-house for speed and accuracy
  • Integrated with vessel’s PDS2000 guidance system