Jack-up stone beds

Jack-up installation vessels for the offshore wind energy are continuing to increase in size, capability and operational costs. They require a solid seabed from which to jack-up and load or install the turbines.

Weak ground in harbours or out at sea can cause an uneven lift or excessive leg penetration leading to delays and expensive damage.

One solution is the installation of temporary stone pads to support the jack up vessel legs. These pads are now installed and maintained at many harbours at the load out points. On site, where poor ground conditions occur, pads have also been installed at critical monopile positions.

We offer a proven, flexible and cost effective stone bed construction solution using our own backhoe and wire excavator vessels.

Over the years our company has installed, maintained and removed stone pads for key industry clients in Northern Europe.

Key features:

  • Own vessels and crew
  • Water depths between 3m and 30m
  • Stone loading and placement capability
  • Dredging of stone pockets
  • Accurate stone placement with RTK GPS
  • Multibeam survey validation
  • In-house project management and QA documentation
  • Port and offshore locations constructed
  • Ship to ship stone transfer
  • Removal of stones and seabed restoration
  • Cost effective and highly flexible solutions