M/V Grete Fighter

The M/V Grete Fighter is a versatile, self-propelled work vessel suitable for a wide range of tasks within marine construction and for nearshore works.

Equipped with a powerful Liebherr P976 90-tonne backacting excavator, spud legs, own cargo hold and an advanced positioning system, the vessel is ideal for small or large dredging projects, stone installation as well as shallow water trenching and backfilling.

Key features:

  • Self-propelled with own cargo hold
  • 3 spud legs, anchors and positioning system
  • Liebherr P976 backacting excavator
  • Excavator converted to biodegradable hydraulic oil
  • Full Head Office engineering support
  • Can dredge into hold, to barges or self-unload to shore
  • Suitable for hard materials, such as clay, dense sands etc.
  • Stone installation for breakwaters, scour protection etc.
  • Trenching for cables, pipelines or marine outfalls
  • Highly manoeuvrable, fast transition from dredge to sail
  • Available on daily, m³ rates or fixed price contracts
  • Max draft of only 2.90 meters
  • Accurate PDS2000 GPS dredge control system