A versatile fleet of work vessels

Peter Madsen Marine Contractors own and operate a fleet of work vessels specifically suited to our core activities.

In addition to the owned fleet, external resources can be added to our projects on a case by case basis, which enables us to adjust capacity as required or tailor the equipment package to specific projects outside the standard capabilities of our in-house fleet.

Our own fleet consists of vessels equipped with either powerful backhoe excavators or wire excavators with grabs. The two vessel types are used across sectors depending on the project specific requirements.

All the vessels in our fleet are self-propelled, have own cargo holds and are fitted with spud legs, anchoring systems and the PDS2000 control system to ensure highly accurate positioning and work. The vessels also provide quarters and welfare facilities for the crew on a 24/7 basis.

To supplement our fleet of work vessel, we own and operate advanced, high-resolution multibeam survey equipment. We operate two sets of Teledyne Reson Seabat T50-R Ultrahigh resolution Multibeam Echosounders. One is permanently fitted on our small, trailer mounted survey boat, while the other set is mobile and can be used from any of our work vessels.