Marine contracting services since 1954

Peter Madsen Marine Contractors, a trading name of Peter Madsen Rederi A/S, is a Danish, privately owned company, which specialises in marine construction works and support in Northern Europe.

Our activities include construction and maintenance services for a range of sectors, including ports and harbours, offshore wind farms, bridges and tunnels, power plants, marine habitats, coastal protection etc.

The company owns and operates a fleet of work vessels and in-house hydrographic survey equipment, which support the activities.

Repair of scour protection at offshore wind farm


Since the company was established in 1954, the Madsen-family has held the ownership of Peter Madsen. 

The current CEO of the company is John H. Madsen, who has held this position with a few interruptions since 1996. 

Our Management team is based in our head office in Skanderborg, Denmark, overseeing a full-time staff of approx. 65 employees.

Peter Madsen's head office in Skanderborg, Denmark

HSEQ and certifications

We want Peter Madsen Marine Contractors to be a safe place to work and a strong HSEQ culture is therefore an important and integrated part of our day-to-day operations.

Our company is ISM- and ISO 9001:2015 certified with third party accreditation by Bureau Veritas.

With a substantial track record within offshore projects, we are used to complying with the HSEQ requirements of major offshore wind developers, transmission system operators, OEMs and main contractors and have the necessary formal systems and certifications in place to support that.

Peter Madsen Marine Contractors are also Achilles Utilities NCE-registered.

Key HSEQ certifications


Mr. Peter Madsen, the founder of what has now become Peter Madsen Marine Contractors, bought his first ship, “Zephyr”, in 1949. At that time Peter Madsen had worked as a docker, trader, mate and skipper for some years. In the years after the Second World War, the “Zephyr”, as well as the second vessel in the fleet, “Avance”, were mainly used for wreck removal and salvage, clearance of ammunition, diving and stone fishing (recovery of glacial drop stones from the seabed).

As activities grew, Peter Madsen established the company “Bjærgningsselskabet Zephyr” (Salvage Company Zephyr) in 1954. In the following years, the company continued to handle clearance of ammunition and increased the activities with stone fishing and port construction in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

Peter Madsen developed the activities further in the 1950s and early ‘60s, where more vessels were added to the fleet, mainly in the form of partnerships with independent skippers and owners, whose vessels were commercially managed by Peter Madsen.

Peter Madsen passed away in 1964 at the age of 50 after serious illness. His family decided to carry on the activities and established a new company, Peter Madsen Rederi A/S. Peter Madsen’s daughter, Alice Madsen aged 27, took over the management of the company and over the next decades she managed to build up significant activities within marine contracting in Northern Europe.

In 1996 Alice Madsen’s son John H. Madsen took over as Director of the company, where he had worked since 1979.

A few years later, Peter Madsen Rederi won its first major contract in the offshore wind sector which has since become an important market for the company.

Today the Madsen family still holds the majority of the shares in the company and after a break of a few years John H. Madsen is back as the CEO of the company.

M/V Zephyr, Peter Madsen’s first vessel