Danish marine contractor Peter Madsen Rederi A/S (PMR) has successfully completed essential scour repair works at a North Sea offshore wind farm. The work took place in very challenging conditions.

PMR’s scope of work included provision, handling and installation of stones at several positions at the wind farm, where scour had developed due to the dynamic seabed conditions. These conditions, combined with adverse weather, tidal movements and the requirement to work very closely to installed structures and live cables, meant that great care had to be taken both in the planning and execution phase.

“This project is an important reference for us. We have demonstrated that we can offer the O&M market a solution where safety, accuracy and cost efficiency are paramount” says Michael Normann, CEO at PMR.

Several vessels from the PMR fleet of work vessels equipped with either backhoe or wire crane excavators were used for the work. These vessels are fitted with advanced positioning and monitoring systems and with spud legs they are particularly well suited for shallow water or tidal locations where position stability is essential.

PMR’s track record in the offshore wind industry includes working on more than 25 offshore wind farms in Denmark, the UK, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and France. The company has handled a wide range of projects including boulder clearance, installation and repair of scour protection, nearshore trenching and backfilling, installation and repair of stone beds, seabed levelling, ballasting of foundations, dredging, multibeam surveying etc.

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