About us

Peter Madsen Marine Contractors, a trading name of Peter Madsen Rederi A/S, is a Danish, privately owned company, which specialises in marine construction works and support. 

Our activities includes construction and maintenance services for a range of sectors, including ports and harbours, offshore wind farms, bridges and tunnels, power plants, marine habitats, coastal protection etc


Peter Madsen Marine Contractors offer a wide range of services across sectors ranging from capital and maintenance dredging activities to stone works and surveys. We work inshore, near shore and offshore and offer a full project management and documentation package to support our contracting activities.


Peter Madsen Marine Contractors work across a range of sectors, including ports and harbours, offshore wind, bridges, pipelines, interconnectors, power plants etc. Based on years of experience, we are able to meet the specific requirements of each sector.


Peter Madsen Marine Contractors own and operate a fleet of work vessels specifically suited to our core activities. In addition to the owned fleet, external resources can be added to our projects on a case by case basis, which enables us to adjust capacity as required or tailor the equipment package to specific projects outside the standard capabilities of our in-house fleet.